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Cork is known for its distinctive properties of elasticity, durability and low conductivity, and you'll find a variety of natural cork materials here.

The worlds main cork oak forests are found in Portugal, Spain, southern France, Italy, and North Africa.

The cork material for our products is a fascinating raw material. It is light, elastic, shock absorbing and resistant towards most bacteria. Cork is a renewable raw material that is obtained by peeling the cork oak tree. The bark is carefully separated from the oaks. The cork oak can be peeled for the first time after 9 years, and after that a new harvest can only take place every nine years. A strict regulation through the cork authorities ensures that no exhaustive cultivation takes place here..

You can benefit the environment by using cork products in your next project. Not only will you be using an eco-friendly material, you will be saving the world from one of the biggest problems today, the CO2.

Harvesting cork bark will assist in the absorption of CO2, a greenhouse gas that causes climate change. In fact harvested cork trees absorb 5 times more than non harvested trees. Cork oak trees in Portugal alone help offset 10 million tons of carbon every year. Hope you will using it too...