Cork products with Ecology and innovation in mind!

With this in mind, we are helping the planet because our cork products are completely eco-sustainable..

In fact, our qualtity team is driven by cork industry leading experts!

Looking for the youngest and the most talented to be part of our team!

To tell the truth, a wide range of cork products, are shipped worldwide!

All of our interations will be simple.

Cork Products!

Actually, we design, manufacture cork products and support our clients worldwide. Then, your business will stand out. Interested? Let's chat...


As a result, we help businesses of all sizes to increase diversity in cork products , and keep innovation to improve commercial success!

Custom printing solutions

Different processes can be used for printing on cork, tell us what you want and we select the best process.

Rolls printing

Capacity to print rolls of cork for your personal projects!


First of all, printing is one of the most important solutions to give cork products, colours, image, varying definitions till the high resolution.

Mold with different cork granules sizes.

In this process we can use different cork granules to achieve different objectives in terms of density, porosity, hardness, etc.

Agglomerating dyed cork granules

When we want the product does not have a dividing line between colors.


Secondly, molding is interesting for large sale products and where required the perfection in the finishing.

More prototyping, less errors..

The prototyping of cork products, offers interesting visualization of the product in hand!

Closest to end model.

The prototype are very closest to end model


Thirdly, prototyping is mainly used to evaluate the shape of the project, interaction with other materials, as well as the study of hinges, fixings, etc.


Dyed cork for big quantities at one color only.


Painting solutions for different types of cork products!


in this case, do you imagine a world in black and white or at just one color? … Seeing that, in many products it is necessary to give color, so that they are more appealing to the use.

Wet conditions

We can offer surface treatment solutions to be used in high humidity places.

Stain resitance

Solutions for table tops, trays and other utensils that are in contact with foodstuffs!


Lastly, cork in its natural state / agglomerated is not resistant to intensive use, stains, oils, etc… As a result, apply a surface treatments to will achieve different capabilities.


Since long time, we design, manufacture cork products and support clients worldwide. We make your business stand out. Interested? Let's chat...
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    in a word, strategy, is a very important point for the production of cork products at the level of costs, speed, and desired final product.

  • 2.


    Then, the development process, already incorporates the concept of the cork products, the form of production, the finishing, etc.,

  • 3.


    The production process is, where we pass from all the work done until then to the reality, one exciting moments of all process.

  • 4.


    In order to reach the client high quality product, every cork products are cleaned in several different processes, a very delicate process.

  • 3.


    To resume, packaging can be done with our boxes or already prepared to go directly to the final consumer. A carefully made process!

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    In the end, the transport is important to be sure everything will be packed in perfect conditions! Also, a very important part of process..

In reality, we will create a truly unique and desired cork products!

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Lifetime innovation

Above all, in our core is innovation! Since 2008, our company are certified by SGS NP 4457 Innovation Management Systems certification from SGS.

Resource optimization

With this in mind, our company transform all raw materials into materials, without losses.

In house production

In fact, all processes of our products are within the factory, which benefits the execution time and total control of all processes!

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