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Clever3d Studio from Portugal is the leading provider of cork products.

Our mission

Notably, the cork material has gone from generation to generation and we want it to continue to be this way, innovating and giving wings to the products of our customers.

Core values

In first, ecology, sustainability and the correct use of the resources without the minimum amount of cork is thrown away, everything is harnessed.

Our people

In fact, our team is made up of the best cork workers with many years of experience,exclusively dedicated to your product.

Cork products

We design, and manufacture cork products for clients worldwide. We make your business stand out. Interested? Let's chat.


Tailored technical solution design to meet your business needs now and in the future.

Unlock your creativity

Sincerely, feel confident that your cork product can reach the market quickly through our knowledge and commitment, will be easy task.

Mold press

For many years, compression molding of cork products, now even more advanced by the latest developments of our company.

Laser cut | engrave

Also, a room dedicated to laser cut and engrave. The cutting and engraving by laser are also used techniques, that leave a burnt-like image. Very interesting..


Currently, prototyping products before they reach the market, is one key factor to feel the product and verify every dimensions.

CNC Machinning

Additionally, a fully dedicated 3 axis and 5 axis machine capable of production any type of cork products.

Inkjet print

Including, the inkjet print fully adapt for cork, give us the possibility to give beautifull colors to yours products.

Injection cork granules

At first, the injection of cork products has been extremely important for customer who want low cost and large quantity of cork products.

CNC Turning

In the same way, the turning fully dedicated turning center is able to produce circular cork products in a way that you never see it before.

Dye and Paint

in last, the surface treatment we give the cork can be painted, anti-stains, hydrophobic, anti fungus, and preparaed for intense use.

Solution design and implementation

Tailored technical solution design to meet your business needs now and in the future.
  • Developing an effective strategy for your project

    Cork products developed to the detail, able to join other materials from, wood, metal, rubber, acrylics, in many different solutions as machinning, cutting, polishing, surface treatment, etc.

  • Cork products protyping and mass manufacturing

    Uniquely, from prototyping cork product, to mold production, injection cork granules, everything organized in one company, will give our clients and unbeliveble advantage!

  • Clinical and unique experience

    A truly key point, is our experience in innovation, all technologie available in house, plus the innovation, ensures a unique product that gives our customers the advantage they seek.

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