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Cork design solutions.

Cork materials innovation.

Clever3d+Studio from Portugal is expert in working with cork.

Our mission

Notably, the cork is natural, sustainable and has gone from generation to generation and we want it to continue to be this way, innovating and giving wings to the products of our clients.

Core values

In first, ecology, sustainable and the correct use of the resources without the minimum amount of cork oak is thrown away, everything is harnessed.

Our people

In fact, our team is made up of the best cork workers with many years of knowledge ,exclusively dedicated to your product.

Cork products

We design, and manufacture cork products from natural cork by mold for clients worldwide. We make your business stand out. Interested? Let's chat.
Postal Gift cork

Postal gift cork

0,5mm Cork + reinforcement layer + 0,5mmCork + UV print

cork bowl fruits

Cork bowl

Unique mold of 17cm diameter. More size are being developed.

cork yoga mat

Cork + Rubber backing

Any size , mold cut

cork mold prototype wine case

Cork wine prototype

Case for bootle

the cork lifebelt mold

Cork lifebelt prototype! COOL

Car tailoring - Paris -

molded part press cork

Fluidstance - USA

Awesome cork part molded!

cork string pot

Cork string pot

Cork with natural string, everything sustainable!

Special cork pot

Engrave JMM letters in pots

cone light cork by clever3dstudio

Pendant lights

Manufacture and design pendant lights with CE certification

Europpean contest winner "Cork task chair"


Furniture cork acessories

printed cork solutions

Printed products

cork Inkjet print

cork mirror holmris


Standard or special models

printed table pad

Table pad

Custom made

marketing cork production

Marketing acessories

Fibrenamics green

beverage carrier in cork

Beverage carrier

Beverage carrier in cork!

jewelery cork box

Jewelery cork box

Laser cut brass letters!

cork labels


Laser engraving labels with or without glue

cork pencils case

Pencils Case

Pencils Case in cork for 12 pencils

yoga roll

Yoga Rolls

Yoga rolls of different sizes and shapes

stoppers honey wine

Honey stoppers

Stopers for glasses vase

Delta Q products

Qaos for Delta Q, biggest café brand!!

sole mold cork latex

Mold sole

Cork + Latex pure + Juta fiber + Custom tissue

cork laser engraving

Laser logo Delta Q

cover with laser ``Delta Q`` logo

cork seat chair

Cork chair seat

Cork chair seat with screws inserted

door cork molded push and pull

Mold door push and pull

Molded small products

cork cnc machinning wall design custom

CNC + 3D

CNC cut wall board fabrication in many differents materials.

Unique cork tray


Cork trays with differents dimensions, shape, thickness is also possible.

tech CNC cork

Custom CNC

Square cork block with hole.

Cork sink innovation

Sinks in cork

Sink in cork with surface protection!

cork products


A lot of different yoga products!

Ice bucket for champagne moet chandon veuve cliquot

Ice Bucket

Manufactured by drawings

cork big chair

Chairs in cork

Organic chairs in cork for home, garden, boats, or other uses.

ceramic cork

Ceramic + Cork

Vase in ceramic with touch of cork

temperature isolation boxes cork

Temperature isolation

Boxes created form specific requirements

cork shaving acessories

Shaving brush

Luxury shaving brush made with cork.

cork balls


Cork balls of every size you imagine..

cork shoes


Different kind of shoes acessories

cork products

High stool

Cork + Iron stools

special cork decor

Table sets

Cork decoration table set

simon colabufalo cork chair design CNC

Superb design Cork chair

CNC 8 axis design chair - Simon Colabufalo -

multicolor cork granules press

Cork Dyeing + mold press

Cork press dyeing granules, multicolor also possible

Cork prototype Foraform

CNC cork prototype for mold process grey dyeing - Fora Form -

cork dyeing and printing

Multicolor Print

Multicolor print over red dyeing

Cork CNC table

Custom cork table

8 axis CNC cutting, holes with 30º angle.

Cork candle for scincecentris project

Desk lights

Desk lamps in cork mixing materials.

cork mold ring

Cork mold ring

Perfectly made.

cork stoppers mass manufacturing


Different geometry stoppers

salt pot cork

Cork salt Pot

Salt with natural conditions, love it!

special cork stoppers for bootle tailored made

Cork stoppers

Special cork stoppers in huge quantities!

darkcork cellar for home cork

Wine cellars

Special designs wine cellar!

cork cymbidium pot

Expanded cork pot

Lot of different shapes

cork boxes

Cork box

Cork box with lid

iron and cork furniture


Iron and cork furniture

cork soap container

Cosmetics / Sauna

Cork container for soap any shape.

custom gifts


Custom gifs involving cork!

christmas cork


Natural christmas acessories!

cork stools


different shapes and dimension on stools

cork separator pads

Self Adhesive

Self-adhesive cork in different shapes

big clock made in darkcork material with 1 mt height

Darkcork clock

Custom architect clock

patin glider with screw mold cork

Glider cork with screw

Mix of EVA - Cork - Rubber for patin glider

gin natural cork stopper molding

Cork Dry Gin Stopper

Natural cork gin stopper - custom -

cork sole mold portugal shoes

Cork shoes mold

Technical reinforcement for elastic purposes

technical cork mold

Technical cork mold

Special technical small mold with hole and inside recess

Tech lathe cork balls


Big size balls +250mm

cork mold pres

Cork mold

Cork mold for base

cork recycled eva

Cork + recycled EVA

Suberb Perfum cap

cork pin board

Pin boards

Painted and dyed cork.

cork rubber gaskets

Cork rubber gaskets

Custom made cork gaskets.

cork pot design

Pots for plants

All shapes cork pots!

table plates

Table board

Diferent kinds of cork table pieces.

stoppers honey wine


Stoppers at any size!

cork products


Produced for sound absortion.

food drinks coaster


Drinks and food coasters

double face tiles easy install

Wall easy install tiles

Double face tape tiles for easy install

cork packing and lid

Cork packing

Cork transport and packing product with hot stamp

amorim 150 anos

Amorim 150 Anos

Super technical and specific product in 2 cork types.

surf pads cork

Surf traction Pads

Surf traction pads for surf

cork support for olive oil and vinager restaurant snack bar

Olive oil holder

Olive oil, vinager holder.

Clever3d+studio is a fully of other products..

We add products every month..
Find more here!

Manufacturing technologies

Specific technologies in house to meet your business grow now and in the future.

Unlock your creativity

Sincerely, feel confident that your final product can reach the market quickly through our knowledge and commitment, will be easy task.

Mold press

For many years, compression molding of cork granules, now even more advanced by the latest developments of our company.

Laser cut | engrave

Also, a room dedicated to laser cut and engrave. The cutting and engraving by laser are also used techniques, that leave a burnt-like image. Very interesting..


Currently, prototyping products before they reach the market, is one key factor to feel the product and verify every dimensions.

CNC Machinning

Additionally, a fully dedicated 3 axis and 5 axis machine capable of production any shape/form.

Inkjet print

Including, the inkjet print fully adapt for cork, give us the possibility to give beautifull colors to yours products.

Cork hand Paint

At first,hand paint could be increadbly beautifull. Paint with ecological paint, can be used for interior or exterior.

CNC Turning

In the same way, the turning fully dedicated turning center is able to produce circular products in a way that you never see it before.

Dye and Paint

in last, the surface treatment we give the cork can be painted, anti-stains, hydrophobic, anti fungus, and prepared for intense use.

Cork design and mass manufacturing

Tailored design solution optimized for mass manufacturing. We are able to produce almost everything out of cork.
  • Developing an effective strategy for your project

    Cork products developed to the detail, able to join other materials from, wood, metal, rubber, acrylics, in many different solutions as machinning, cutting, polishing, surface treatment, etc.

  • Cork products prototyping and mass manufacturing

    Uniquely, from prototyping to mold production, injection cork granules, everything organized in one company, will give our clients and unbeliveble advantage!

  • Clinical and unique experience

    A truly key point, is our experience in innovation, all technologie available in house, plus the innovation, ensures a unique product that gives our customers the advantage they seek.

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