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Clever3dStudio from Portugal is the leading provider of cork products.

Videos of cork products

Our R&D department is looking for new solutions every day. in this case a water resistant video!
cork treatment surface solution
Your vision is now a reality

Ecological products are nowadays a topic in great discussion, and cork is there.

Watch the magic happen

The cork with a protective layer can last longer with the same quality.

A to Z solutions

From resistance to stains, oils, water, and other liquids, cork can be used interior/exterior.

Red wine and oil

Stains resistance, with video showing red wine and oil resistance.
red & wine oil
Easy cleaning

With our layer surface protection cork becomes an easy cleaning surface.

Wine or stains

If drop some kind of red wine, olive oil, or other stains just pass a wet towel in it.

Ecologic product

Our product for protective layer is eco frindly and able for food contact.

European Commission Partnership

A partnership with Portugal , Uk , and Germany companies.. Amazing!
cork design chair for video modal

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