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Clever3dStudio from Portugal is the leading provider of cork products.

Project | Corker chair and lounge chair |

A furniture line composed entirely of eco-friendly materials that generates no waste!
cork furniture

Cork chairs made of cork and wood

The project strives to attain both affordable pricing and outstanding design quality.

cork chair

CNC Multi axis.

The Corker Chair and Lounge Chair are designed for those who appreciate modern style and are concerned about the environment.

corker chair

Corker chairs

The low price helps to keep the product popular while also disrupting firms that provide economically and socially harmful products.

Project | The Building Centre |

One of the most amazing stairs, the first world cork stairs....

Cork stairs!!

The first world´s cork stairs was made by Clever3d+Studio with collaboration of tintab, Arq. Roz Barr, Eng. Webb Yates.

cork stairs

CNC Multi axis.

The most advanced machines in Portugal, Clever3d+Studio was the only that is capable of making this process in cork, and make it happen!

cork stairs

The building Centre London

One of the most amazing project in London was made with special collaboration of Clever3d+Studio

Project | Cork task Chair |

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cork task chair clever3dstudio

Why cork?

Cork appears in this furniture design as an excellent possibility in terms of compression, excellent touch, and essentially a very temperature neutral surface, being extremely comfortable.

margate worth programm

Responsive design

Cork as an ecologically sustainable material, in the removal of the tree material it is respected without any damage. The development of an exact material for a chair with a lot of comfort and durability, was a good challenge for us.

clever3dstudio task chair margarete

Lightweight design

We have achieved a lightweight cork with properties that can withstand weight and durability over the years.

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